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About GTB

Hey y'all! I am Jazmyne and I am the owner of Glam Totz Bowtique. I started making hair bows and tutus about 6 years ago. I never wanted to start a website because I was afraid of getting too many orders and not being able to keep up(LOL.) I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Alivia in 2016 which sparked my interest in making felt and glitter bows!

After months and months of my closest friends trying to convince me to start a Facebook group to sell my product, I did it. I spent my very last $30 in my Paypal account to buy materials for my very first live sale. Over half of the bows I posted sold--I was FLOORED! Now, here I am with my very own website to offer your beautiful babes my handmade creations that I am so very passionate about. I hope you know how grateful I am for your support.

Happy Shopping!